Tried and Tested: ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set on pink background

Living in Cornwall means I’ve not really had a good chance to try or even browse any Zoeva products. So when I was given the Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set as a gift, I was pretty pleased.

Let’s just start by saying how gorgeous the set looks. I’ve never had a full set of matching brushes and when they’re all perfectly placed in the top of my Anya Hindmarch makeup bag, it’s just the stuff of dreams. The Rose Golden Brush Set includes eight different brushes for face and eyes, that have matte black handles and rose gold detailing and the bristles are a mix of natural and synthetic so are mostly vegan-friendly.

There are five brushes for the face, which pretty much includes any that you’d ever need. There’s a ridiculously soft Powder brush which I’ve only tested for pressed powder but I’m sure would be equally good with loose. The foundation brush is called ‘Silk Finish’ and is the perfect stubby, bristle-packed shape, which when buffed gives a seamless, natural finish to liquid foundation. I tend to use the Face Shape brush for a subtle bit of contouring and highlighting with powder, it’s short and stubby like the foundation brush so it’s handy for blending out and making sure you don’t go over the top. The Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush is such a good angled shape and somehow actually does kind of sheer out your blusher so you can build it up a bit which I really like. Lastly, there’s a Concealer Buffer which I mostly use around the eye area because it’s so soft you can really go to town on the buffing.

Now onto the eye brushes. There are three in total and as I’m a complete beginner when it comes to doing eyeshadow and blending and getting the perfect crease, three is all I need and I think has kind of made me up my game in that department. I have to say I haven’t used the Wing Liner brush at all as I use a liquid liner, but that’s really the only dud in the whole set. As I have no skill whatsoever in applying eyeshadow the Luxe Petit Crease and Luxe Soft Definer brushes were a revelation. I usually pat the lightest shade all over the lid (with a different brush – maybe Zoeva could switch the Liner brush for a Base Shadow brush?!) then use the Crease brush with a darker shade and blend it all out with the Soft Definer. Job done!

Overall the Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set is amazing. It not only looks good but it fulfills all of my makeup brush needs and does it well. What are your favourite makeup brush sets? Are there any brushes I need to add to my collection?
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