Wanted: The Festival Edit

   In a couple of short weeks I shall be wading around a field in Somerset for my eighth (yes eighth!) trip to Glastonbury Festival! At the moment it is literally all I can think about. My thoughts in these weeks leading up to June 21st are mostly taken up by “Oh God, must do a test run of the tent!”, “Do I really need a jazzier pair of wellies?” and “How much glitter is too much?” (Answer: You can never have too much). After A LOT of scouring around and creeping the Glasto Gals Facebook page, these are the bits I’ve decided I can’t not take with me for my festival edit…

The Glitter

In Your Dreams Purple Unicorn Chunky Glitter – £5.50

  If you’ve even so much as Googled the word festival, you will know that it’s all about glitter this year. I’m loving this Purple Unicorn Chunky Glitter from In Your Dreams. If you’re going to go for this glitter in the roots look (like I intend to!) this colour would be perfect to go with pretty much any outfit. Plus, it’s super pretty and who doesn’t want to be covered in unicorn glitter?! The only downside is that I’m not really looking forward to combing it out of my hair for the next ten years. After reading around I’ve seen the best way to do this is with some VO5 hair gel. But, if anyone has any other suggestions do tell, as I don’t want to be adding to the greasiness of my 5-day unwashed hair!

The Pink Hair Spray

L’Oréal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Colour Spray in Pastel Pink – £6.99

  Jazzy coloured hair is always a must and this time I plan on going pink. No surprise there! A friend of mine has tried the wash in formulas of these new L’Oreal products so I have great faith that this will be just as good as her hair did look amazing afterwards. I’ve got kind of ombré hair at the moment so I’m not sure how effective this will be in the darker sections. But hopefully, with glitter in my roots and pink on the ends, I will look somewhat festival-ready!

The Metallic Lipstick

NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Cream in Asteroid Aura – £7.00

  I bought this baby from ASOS and I am so excited to get in the fields and get this on. I’ve only ever tried the Soft Matte Lip Cream’s from NYX before and after a test run it’s safe to say that this is nothing like that. On first application, it didn’t feel at all uncomfortable or drying but it was a little patchy. I’ve read that putting concealer on as a base can help to even it all out and will hopefully make it last a little longer. Not that I’ll be worried about that after a couple of ciders at the Brother’s Bar. The only question is, is unicorn glitter roots, pink hair and a purple metallic lip too much? Nah!

The Face Jewels

The Gypsy Shrine Unicorn Crown – £10.00

  If you thought I was going OTT before, I don’t want to know what you’re thinking now. When it comes to face gems I don’t plan on going full-body-gem-suit like this lady. Don’t nobody wanna see that. However, I am partial to a little gem here and there, even though I’m a little apprehensive as to whether they’ll actually stay on my face or not. I think this Unicorn Crown from The Gypsy Shrine would go really well with my unicorn roots! Anybody sensing a theme?

The Sequin Dress

Missguided Pink Sequin T-Shirt Dress – £45.00

  Finally, the piéce de resistance. A sequin dress. A glorious sequin dress. This is probably the most insane piece of clothing I’ve ever bought and I have no regrets. A lovely lady on the Glastonbury Gals Facebook forum got me this beast in the new Missguided shop in Westfield after it sold super quickly online. I don’t know what came over me because it is insane. Truly insane. It’s really as good as it looks in real life and doesn’t feel like it was made as cheaply as I’d expected. It’s got these big pink sequins all over with a kind of mesh material and fits in a nicely oversized t-shirt way. I plan to wear mine with all of the things above and, of course, a pair of wellies!

Let me know if there are any bits I’m missing from my festivals essentials. I’m sure I could do with a bit more glitter right?