The Ultimate All-In-One Beauty Palette

I hate to add to the hype, but the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette is great. As me and my boyfriend don’t share a place yet, I’m constantly hauling my bits back on forth from his house to my house, so anything that can lighten my load is a thumbs up in my book.

Coming in at £49 it’s certainly not cheap, but it pretty much includes all of the components you’d need to do a full face and the quality is so good. The best bit is how big this palette is. No picture on the internet can do it justice and the amount of product you actually get is amazing. Altogether you get three eyeshadows, a bronzer, two blushes and a highlighter, that are all numbered and named so you know what to use and in what order – easy peasy!

I think this palette now comes in two different styles. I have it in Seductive Beauty which is only different in that the eyeshadows are for more of a smoky eye whereas the Natural Beauty palette is for more of a fresh-faced, glowy look. Each of the eyeshadows are super wearable and work so well together. For an everyday face I tend to brush the lightest one all over the lid and then shade a little with the second but honestly I can’t see anybody having a problem with any of the three shades. The Bronze Face shade is the same shade that’s in the Filmstar Bronze & Glow and is great for my pale skin. It’s pigmented and matte without being too orange and blends out so nicely. At the moment I’m just using the Swish cheek colour for my blusher and I do indeed swish it. I kind of build it up on the apple of my cheek and ‘swish’ it out for what I hope is a healthy looking glow with a pop of highlight along the top of my non-existent cheekbones.

Overall I am absolutely loving this. I use it pretty much every day now and do use all of the different shades, there are no duds! I would definitely buy it again, in fact, I am dreading the day when the first shade hits pan!

Have you tried the Instant Look In A Palette? What other Charlotte Tilbury products do I need to try?