Let’s Talk About Lipstick…

Three lipsticks and bag on pink background

When it comes to my everyday face, one thing I can take or leave is lipstick. Somedays I love to slap it on and other days it just really doesn’t enter my mind. But with the current nude lipstick trend, it’s definitely something I try to do more. There seems to be a new formula, […]

Wanted: The Pink Edit

I’ve never really been into pink, apart from that one pair of embarrassing pink stretchy flares I had when I was about 12. I’m definitely much more of a red girl. But lately, I’ve just really been feeling it. As someone who generally just wears different shades of black and grey, I don’t think I’ll […]

My Dream Makeup Bag

Coral Anya Hindmarch makeup bag from above on white sheets

Let me just start by saying I know this is a pricey purchase and probably absolutely outrageous to some people. But the other day I found a picture I’d saved on my computer two years ago of this makeup bag (TWO YEARS!) so it was definitely very thought through. I was actually given this as […]

Hello World Wide Web!

Collage of Laura Porter Selfies

The inevitably cringey first blog post! Scary and exciting. Starting a blog is something I’ve thought about starting for a really long time (probably years) but have always been too scared to actually do. Always thinking “who cares what I have to say?, “what if nobody reads it?” and “I’m definitely not cool enough”. But now […]